Jewelry Repair Services

Ring Sizing

Size any ring up or down any size. Same price for men and women’s.

Chain Repair

Repair chain on any piece of jewelry. Reconstruct where chain is broken.

Ring Shank Repair

Repair broken, half or full shanks
on any ring size.

Diamond & Gemstone Replacement

Diamond and Gemstone

Prong & Tip Repair

If your ring is showing signs of wear, we can retip the head or replace it.

Ring Soldering

We can solder multiple rings together so you don’t have to worry about losing one.

Tennis Bracelet Repair

Link hinges or joints are broken or do not operate smoothly.

Earring Repair

The most common repairs with earrings are broken or missing post

Clasp Repair

We can provide or repair most any clasp on chains, bracelets or pendants

Channel Repair

Ring Channel repair is where we repair or reconstruct the metal strips in a ring band where the diamonds/stones are set.


Includes inside ring engraving and any other flat surface engraving.

Jewelry Refurbish

Tighten, Polish, Clean,
Rhodium (if white gold).

Pearl & Bead Restring

Peace of Mind

The safety and security of your prized possessions always comes FIRST.

We know you want it done right, quickly, and returned to you safely. We do that every day. We will treat your jewelry as if it were our own just as we have been doing for over 25 years.  Your jewelry is secure in our facility. We have your trust in mind every minute of every day.  Read More about our Safety & Security.

All online jewelry shipments are safely insured by: