Safety & Security


For over 25 years Easy Jewelry Repair has been repairing jewelry and keeping our promise to utilize the best in security measures in the industry.

When you need repairs on a precious piece of jewelry that was a gift, a family heirloom, or just something you love to wear, you want assurance that your jewelry is going to get back to you safely. From the time you ship your jewelry to us, to the time it arrives back in your hands, we are monitoring it and making sure it’s safe. We carefully watch your package as it leaves your home with a tracking number to when it’s delivered. We use only the very best security cameras, posted in strategic places where every square inch of our facility, from the parking lot, which is locked and monitored to the inside of our building, everyone is in full view of our monitored security system. No one comes into our facility, employee or visitor without going through our facility’s security system which has the latest technology in the business.

Customer Service You Can Depend On

We care about our customers and our reputation

You can trust Easy Jewelry Repair to take care of your items like they were our own. No one does it quicker and safer than Easy Jewelry Repair. We have a one day in, next day out service and when we are repairing your jewelry, we are constantly monitoring and securing your items. We employ ten employees that are the best in the business and each of them have been serving jewelry repair customers for many years, over 275 years of experience is shared between them, so you can bet, if there is a question, we have the answer. Each one of our employees has passed stringent background checks. We make sure your jewelry is entrusted to professionals who are honest, reliable, and experienced.

We have been providing online jewelry repair services since 1990 and you can be assured that we take our business seriously. We pride ourselves on safety practices that are the best in the business.

Easy Jewelry Repair started working for some of the largest names in jewelry, repairing, servicing and taking care of their clients. Now we offer our services to the public as well. What does this mean to you? You get the same confidence, a better turn-around time, and in some cases a lower cost.

You Can Trust Easy Jewelry Repair

When you trust Easy Jewelry Repair, your jewelry is insured by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, in business since 1913, over one hundred years. If for any reason, something goes wrong, you are covered.

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Our in-house customer service team is standing by for any jewelry repair questions you may have.